Attention All Home Buyers & Home Owners

If you are buying a house or flat built pre-2000, you could be buying a property that contains cancer-causing asbestos.

Asbestos was used extensively in the UK from 1888 until 2000. Over 85% of the residential properties we survey contain asbestos. A simple asbestos management survey will identify any asbestos materials, assess the risk, provide a detailed report stating how to manage it safely in-situ, as well as provide methods for removal and a quote.

The removal quote is then to be used as leverage against the purchase price. Typically we save our clients £2500-£3500, and with surveys starting at £195 including VAT, the savings more than pay for the survey cost.

This goes without mentioning the potential damage to your health and that of your family. Drilling into one wall made from asbestos can release thousands of fibres. The respirable fibres are microscopic, which means it is impossible to determine whether you or your family have been exposed.

Any building element can contain asbestos, the list below states applications and examples.

doors – panels fixed to or within the doors
walls – the walls can be asbestos boards or panels, or Artex textured coating applied can also contain asbestos
ceilings – the ceiling board or finishes
floors – thermoplastic floor tiles (think schools and hospital floor tiles), vinyl and the voids between floor can all be asbestos containing
the roof – boards and insulation within attics, the roof tiles, undercloaks, soffits and fascias are all frequently asbestos materials
the externals – panels, guttering, downpipes, shed and garages are frequently asbestos materials

See the diagram below for the potential asbestos uses:

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Protect yourself and your family from asbestos exposure with an asbestos survey. With prices from £195 for the inspection, samples, sample analysis and report including VAT, there’s no excuse to ignore the biggest industrial killer in the UK. We can be at your property and provide your report in 24 hours, so for complete peace of mind and to save you thousands call our hotline on 0208 123 8442 or email [email protected]

Another Asbestos Survey Contract Win

What a week!

Our new guy is fully bedded in, working hard and producing the goods. He’s very much enjoying the variety of project we have on – refurbishment and demolition surveys, bulk sampling and asbestos management surveys.

To top off a grand week we won a contract with a rapidly expanding bar and club chain: 30 units to start. 2 done this week already. The start of a long and fruitful venture. They were most impressed with our super-quick turnaround and highly competitive pricing.

We’re still on the hunt for more surveyors, as our growing team is just about at capacity and we’re winning new clients everyday. If you know anyone who is after an asbestos surveyor job please have them contact us on 0208 123 8442.

We Are Recruiting!

Hello again!

Well another week has gone by, and we’ve had our new surveyor initiated, up and running. But we’re still turning away work – a nice problem to have, but ideally we want to be servicing all the leads and clients that call in everyday. We have both full-time roles and contract positions to offer, with fantastic opportunities and benefits.

So what do we offer?

First of all for the right candidates we offer the chance to work for an exciting, young company which is truly dynamic. Our leads need the surveys doing ASAP, we provide the report the next day. We work together as a unit, we have regular staff outings and fun-days. We appreciate that we spend more time at work than with our own families, so a harmonic work environment is imperative for us.

For our contracting role we can offer:

Regular, on-going work (5-days) consisting of 2/3 appointments per day. Typically 9,12 & 3 appointments. Varied work – management surveys, r&d’s, bulk sampling, across a variety of properties in London and surrounding areas. Working day typically to consist of 10 hours. All data info to be collected by surveyor. Reports to be written and issued by Maple Surveys. Samples sent directly to lab by surveyor. Disposables to be paid for by maple surveys (sample bags etc.).

Remuneration to start at £180 per day on 3 month probationary period. Upon successful completion day rate increased to £200. Payments to be made weekly, guaranteed prompt payment. If expected to work beyond 6pm (emergency survey required same day) a 25% day rate bonus will be applied.

For our full-time roles we can offer:

The usual package: car, laptop, iPhone, fuel card etc. Salary up to £30,000 per annum with overtime available. Day bonuses if working beyond 6pm the same night.

What we require:

To work “The Maple Way”:

• to return all paperwork at the end of each day. This is essential as we feedback all info to our clients within 24 hours. Done by scanning paperwork into our server.

• photos and voice notes emailed upon completion of survey.

• to be on time, if running late call client in advance.

• samples to be sent every second day by special 1pm delivery.

• no excessive sampling. Sample what is suspect, reference where possible.

• formal attire, no denim. Professionally articulated and polite. An understanding that the surveyors are the vanguard of the business, no margin for error.

• a never say no attitude to the needs of our clients.

This gives you an idea of how we operate.

Our mission statement is to ‘provide the fastest, most customer focused asbestos surveying consultancy in the UK’. We know building a successful team to enable Maple Surveys to provide the exceptional service we deliver is critical.

We are very particular about who we would like to join us on this journey. If you feel you are the right kind of person, with the right attitude, please contact our Operations Manager Bonny Coakley on 0208 123 8846 or email [email protected],uk

Asbestos Surveys – Tell Me More

So you need an asbestos survey? But where to start? How to select a company? Which survey type do you need? Your answers await, just read on.

There is an element of confusion when asbestos surveys are mentioned. Type II, Type III, what’s bulk sampling? Refurbishment surveys or management surveys. Let’s get it cleared up.

January 2010 saw the change of the guidance document for the asbestos surveying industry from MDHS 100, to HSG 264 – Asbestos: The Survey Guide. Asbestos survey were previously categorised into Type I, Type II and Type III surveys.

The previous Type I and Type II were amalgamated into Management surveys, which are standard sampling surveys used to identify, quantify and provide a risk assessment on asbestos materials within a premises.

Formerly Type III survey were renamed as Asbestos Refurbishment and Demolition Surveys. The scope was the same: a fully intrusive survey to identify and quantify the asbestos materials within the premises. Also the survey report is used as a basis for asbestos removal tendering.

This should clear up a few bit, but any question give us a ring!

Until next time

This information-super highway thingy really works!

An amazing response to the Google campaign, highly reputable independent London schools, National Rail, IoD, Architects, Savills Commercial, Churches, Golf Clubs, the list goes on!

Our highly recommended services are being sought out by a range of clients from all aspects of the business landscape. This is because the Asbestos Regulations are all encompassing for any building constructed pre-2000AD.

Our friendly, helpful team offer a complementary asbestos audit and provide low cost comprehensive solutions to your asbestos issues. If you feel the need for a chat and how we can help, please call us today.