Attention All Home Buyers & Home Owners

If you are buying a house or flat built pre-2000, you could be buying a property that contains cancer-causing asbestos.

Asbestos was used extensively in the UK from 1888 until 2000. Over 85% of the residential properties we survey contain asbestos. A simple asbestos management survey will identify any asbestos materials, assess the risk, provide a detailed report stating how to manage it safely in-situ, as well as provide methods for removal and a quote.

The removal quote is then to be used as leverage against the purchase price. Typically we save our clients £2500-£3500, and with surveys starting at £195 including VAT, the savings more than pay for the survey cost.

This goes without mentioning the potential damage to your health and that of your family. Drilling into one wall made from asbestos can release thousands of fibres. The respirable fibres are microscopic, which means it is impossible to determine whether you or your family have been exposed.

Any building element can contain asbestos, the list below states applications and examples.

doors – panels fixed to or within the doors
walls – the walls can be asbestos boards or panels, or Artex textured coating applied can also contain asbestos
ceilings – the ceiling board or finishes
floors – thermoplastic floor tiles (think schools and hospital floor tiles), vinyl and the voids between floor can all be asbestos containing
the roof – boards and insulation within attics, the roof tiles, undercloaks, soffits and fascias are all frequently asbestos materials
the externals – panels, guttering, downpipes, shed and garages are frequently asbestos materials

See the diagram below for the potential asbestos uses:

Click Image to Enlarge

Protect yourself and your family from asbestos exposure with an asbestos survey. With prices from £195 for the inspection, samples, sample analysis and report including VAT, there’s no excuse to ignore the biggest industrial killer in the UK. We can be at your property and provide your report in 24 hours, so for complete peace of mind and to save you thousands call our hotline on 0208 123 8442 or email [email protected]

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