Asbestos Testing - Inspection, Samples & Analysis in 24 Hrs

Asbestos testing falls into two main categories: asbestos bulk sampling whereby a certified surveyor will visit your premises and assess the material, or asbestos laboratory analysis whereby we can analyse the sample at our lab.

Asbestos Bulk Sampling

Asbestos bulk sampling and testing involves a qualified asbestos surveyor inspecting a property, identifying the suspect material, undertaking a risk assessment of the material condition, material categorisation, surface treatment and asbestos type. The presence of asbestos is then confirmed or refuted by our UKAS accredited laboratory who will provide a certificate of analysis which will specify the asbestos fibre type. Following this we will provide full recommendations of how to leave the asbestos safely in-situ, and can will quote and take care of any asbestos removal works. Call the one-stop experts on 0208 123 8442 now and have your asbestos queries solved in 24 hours.

Asbestos Laboratory Analysis

With prices from just £50 for 3 samples to be analysed at a UKAS accredited laboratory, with next day turnaround, looking elsewhere would be futile. We will have our qualified asbestos laboratory technician identify your material, any asbestos fibres and a certificate of analysis. Call us now on 0208 123 8442 for your sample analysis tomorrow.