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Health & Safety Exec. Licensed Asbestos Removal Experts

Asbestos removal can be a worrying and confusing issue to deal with, from the choice of contractors, air tests and notifications to the relevant authorities, it can be difficult to know where to start. The professional at Maple Surveys can take care of everything for you, all at fantastic rates with quick project turnarounds.

At Maple Surveys we deliver all projects on time, on budget and as our teams are Health and Safety Executive asbestos removal licensed, the quality is guaranteed every time. We also take care of all notifications, air tests, site provision such as access and decontamination units as well as transfer and disposal of asbestos waste.

Removal of your asbestos with Maple Surveys is always quick, hassle-free and our quotes cover all aspects of the removal process, which ensures you will never be shocked by extras: the price you see is the price you pay. Contact our removal hotline on 0208 123 8442, or email [email protected]

Asbestos Removal Categories

Depending on the asbestos material type and quantities identified in the asbestos survey report, removal of your asbestos will fall into one of three categories below:

Notifiable Licensed Works

This category means that all work involves Health and Safety Executive licensed asbestos removal operative, under fully controlled conditions. The notifiable section involves submission of the plan of works and as ASB5 (Notice of work with asbestos) to either the HSE or Local Authority depending on the property type. Fully controlled conditions mean controlling the immediate environment around the asbestos removal by erecting a temporary polythene enclosure.

Notifiable Non-Licensed Work

Notifiable non-licensed work was introduced with the amended Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012. The regulations impose a responsibility on employers to notify work with asbestos to the relevant enforcing authority, ensure medical examinations are regularly undertaken and maintain registers of work. This is typically for companies and individuals involved in the construction industry who choose to remove non-licensed materials.

Non-Licensed Work

This category typically involves low risk materials such as floor tiles and corrugated cement sheets. Guidance on remoavl can be sought at filed under asbestos essentials.

It is advisable that all asbestos removal is undertaken by a HSE licensed, fully insured professional firm as all precautions and works will be of the appropriate standard.

At Maple Surveys we can typically have a removal team on site within 48 hours of any works which are not subject to the statutory 14 day notification. For fully licensed notifiable works we can submit notifications and plans of works within 24 hours, far faster than the industry standard of 5-7 working days. Call the professional now and let us take care of one less thing for you to worry about on 0208 123 8442 or email [email protected]